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Every Houston homeowner wants a clean bathroom. It’s more sanitary, it looks nicer, and it just feels better! However, this is usually easier said than done. The KW Energy Corridor Team is here to tell you that if you are selling your Houston home, you need to keep your bathrooms clean on a continual basis. This is even harder!

When your Houston home is on the market, buyers could pop in any time for showings, and open houses may be scheduled regularly. That means that it’s up to you to keep your entire house looking clean and polished. Some rooms are easier than others, and the bathroom is a bit tricky. After all, we use our bathrooms daily!

To help you maintain your bathroom cleanliness, here are some tips from House Beautiful that we thought you’d find helpful:

  • Use long-lasting cleaners. You might as well keep your deep-cleaning task in place as long as possible. House Beautiful recommends Mr. Clean Bath Cleaner with Shine Shield, or Lysol’s Click Gel Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner.
  • Keep the shower dry. Moisture creates water spots, mildew, and even mold if it goes too long. The easiest way to keep your shower walls clean is to keep them dry. Wipe down the walls, tub and doors after every use. Always use the exhaust fan when showering, and open a window if you have one.
  • Use water repellent. Did you know that you can use water repellent on your shower walls and doors the same way you use it on your car?! This helps water and soap scum to bead up and run right off.
  • Use liquid soap. Bar soap can get messy once it’s wet, leaving a layer of film on your sink, tub or soap dish. Use a liquid soap pump or hands-free soap dispenser for cleaner counter appearance.
  • Have clean towels ready. You don’t want your used bathroom towels hanging all over the place when potential buyers come over. Have a hamper for dirty towels, and have designated guest towels ready for quick replacement.
  • Stash disinfecting cleaning wipes. When you need to go over your bathroom quickly, cleaning wipes are the way to go! Wipe away toothpaste stains, water marks and more.
  • Keep dryer sheets nearby. They are great for quickly picking up hair and dust from the floor, counters and corners. Swiffer wipes work great for this as well.

For more quick bathroom-cleaning tips, check out the House Beautiful article in its entirety. As a Houston homeowner or seller, what else would you recommend for a quick clean? Share a comment and let us know!

When ready to sell your Houston home, contact the KW Energy Corridor Team. We are here to answer your questions, to guide you through the home-selling process and to get your home sold as quickly and as smoothly as possible!

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